Wave genetic control biological profiles of nanotechnology

Theory and experiments:
The proposed work has previously proposed theory of external management and self-management of the quantum organisms ' in vitro-in vivo using biogolografičeskoj information. This stage of development theory refers to the bioznakovoj of polarization of laser light, i.e.. by golografirovaniû. It occurs when scanning (reading) matrix of genetic donor nanostructures beam special laser dvuhmodovogo.
Biosystems also capable to scan-correction (Computing Conference) themselves their own coherent radiation chromosome continuum in the range 250-800nm. We merely repeat the endogenous nanotechnology in vitro. This computing;, whether in the living organism or an artificial person repeats, a širokospektral′noj wave pool information, that organisms use to own regulation, and we take it for a purposeful management of Biosystems metabolism.
Mathematical model of dynamic polarization-selected changes the metabolism of Biosystems through laser golografirovaniâ-computing in vitro-in vivo. Discusses the common mechanisms of natural and artificial biological profiles management, as well as some details of the method and device for practical work in this direction. From the perspective of theory and its application to address some, We received earlier, the experimental work of this kind, which prove the correctness of our models of wave of genetic functions Biosystems.
Introductory observations:
The concept and the term ' holography ' derived from two Greek words: ' a ' and ' image '. Until recently, the creature holography was the technology method of spatial (Three-dimensional) and space-time (4-mer) image of an object. Now the concept has expanded dramatically and holography applied to the structure and function of the brain and the genetic apparatus of organisms. If we talk about genetic pamaâti, What does it mean, the chromosome continuum, as quantum biocomputers, operates with 4-dimensional wave images of its own dynamic strategic management structure for metabolizers.
When phase (transparent) the structure of the object throughout the space golografiruemogo is a complete and detailed image. The first method golografirovaniâ a d. Gabor in 1948 and significantly amended domestic scientists. The method is based on the interference of coherent radiation of any nature. For Example, at the same time as the "signal fotoplastinku" wave, diffuse object, send "crawling peg" or reference wave from the same light source. Occurs when the interference of these waves painting, contains full information about the object, fixed on the photosensitive surface. It's called a hologram. When exposed to a hologram or her plot anchor wave you can see three-dimensional image of the object. Holography is widely used in various fields of engineering and physics (in particular, for pattern recognition and information coding), in acoustics (for the detection of internal defects in metallic structures, for example, in nuclear power plants) and so on. Holography has great promise in creating three-dimensional film and television.
This work (like some other) are the continuation of studies, which were developed under the direction of and.. Prangishvili. He warmly supported the new in those years (1997-2001 GG) the hypothesis of holographic properties of Biosystems and holographic manipulation. Under holographic office we understand a change of metabolism and structure of cells as a result of the governing acoustic, light or electromagnetic form factors.
In the management of biological systems is holographic information transfer from donor to recipient. During the laser holographic experimental studies on plants in 1997 was justified by physical and mathematical phenomenon of holographic information broadcast from donor to recipient. The essence of this phenomenon consists in passing a special laser light through the translucent biological tissues and cells donors wave equivalent of genetic and metabolic information. Donors here act as holographic probing light modulators. This modulation, actually, and a polarization-phase golografirovaniem of structure and cell metabolism (including. the genetic) the status of the donor. The result is a complex dynamic register 4-dimensional images-commands, that has created a quantum bio computer to control the recipient organisms. Such artificial quantum bio computer actually greatly simplified variant repeats that in vitro, What makes our genetic system as the natural DNA-wave biokomp′ûtera in vivo.