Implicit functions of the genetic apparatus

Genetics, Biochemistry and physics 20-ies did not let prove brilliant foresight A.g. Gurvich. And only 70-90-s of the last century were the fundamental work of the German school of F.a. Poppa (F.A.Popp), which is the unit of heredity organisms (the chromosome) a coherent source of ultra-weak photon emission in the range 250-800 nm. This is the most "field equivalent chromosomes." However, the role of these genetic radiation was not understood by them. My colleagues and I were involved in these studies, since 1984, at the Institute of physical and technical problems (IFTP) ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE USSR, Institute, now rasformirovannom. Here, d in 1984-1988. I had laser spectroscopy correlation method to discover two fundamental properties of DNA — the ability for spontaneous solitonnym vozbuždeniâm in TN. the phenomenon of Fermi-pasta-Ulam (FPU) and the ability to generate wave phantom structure (The DNA phantom effect). Read more about it in my monographs "Wave genome" (1994g.), "The wave of the genetic code" (1997g.) and "Lingvistiko-wave gene. Theory and practice " (2009g.), as well as in our articles. These two properties are essentially unknown DNA earlier DNA memory types. There is also another type of memory the genome is holographic, that also was requested by me. The idea of holographic memory genome based on experiments in TN. Phantom Leaf Effect (Phantom Leaf Effect), our scientists detected Adamenko in 1975. and repeatedly reproduced by us, etc. researchers. The highest form of holographic memory Biosystems is memory brain man, the experimentally substantiated Pribramom, Korneevym and many other researchers. But this is not limited to our different understanding of hromomsom. Golografičnosti is a universal principle, for the first time made d. Bom [Talbot M., 2005, Holographic universe]. Therefore, attributes of the genome and holographic brain, only private expressions of this phenomenon, but significant.
The development of research
Then there was the most important stage of my 10 years of abnormal operation in the Physical Institute of the Academy of Sciences. them. P.n. Lebedev (Optical Division) the major physicists-professors V.a. Ŝeglovym, V. Volf Gorelik, S.a. Rešetnâkom, etc. There, at my suggestion, We have created a virtual laser on molecules of DNA and chromosomes. This was published in 1996. in Quantum Electronis and in other articles, we developed the theoretical plan in Laser Physics, in the Summary Reports in physics preprints and LPI LPI.
After 6 years of similar work on DNA laser made Japanese physicists, several different, but actually got the same effect as laser pumping DNA. This is a fundamentally important and fundamental result. Before that, there were many doubts about the works school f. Poppa — whether, really, DNA to function as a laser? And we Japanese have proven. Unfortunately, Japanese authors have not responded to my proposal to jointly develop and reflect upon our results. Moreover, new publications of the Japanese authors on DNA-laser to detect in the press cannot. You can believe, that they became aware of the great importance of such studies and their guardian. (A) the importance of the, that DNA-laser allows to simulate wave genetic-metabolic processes in organisms, including holographic. That is, do the, What was theoretically justified in our works, namely, strategically, at the quantum level, distant, i.e.. at large distances, manage the genetic apparatus of all Earth's Biosystems, including humans.
To continue this work only in Institute of Management SCIENCES. However, we have developed it in another plan. Since the DNA within the chromosome in vivo performs laser-like features, It could be found among existing and the lasers used in medicine, that would to some extent simulate the laser function of DNA. This was found. This helium-neon laser with a wavelength of 632,8 nm, but with special orthogonal polarization modes. It is in special mode is able to read the polarizer (spin) genetic information in living organisms, cells, DNA, RNA and proteins. He is able to translate the information in so-called spin Photonic-modulated broadband electromagnetic radiation (MBER) According to the theory of localized light while maintaining genetic information. In theory, the effects have been added to us through the concept of traveling wave hologram Denisûka Korneev, Garyaev, 2012. Aspects of wave transmission of genes. And the main thing, These effects and theory have allowed us to put them into practice, which can be called biospintronikoj, that is a practical embodiment of Lingvistiko-wave genetics (BTY). We use certain technologies biospintroniki (There are patents and priorities) that allowed us to experimentally prove our theories. However,, It should be noted, that such research and practice have met great resistance and unjustified official science using disinformation and defamation in the spirit of falsifying scientific appointees of the Illuminati, perfectly presented Sallem.

Falsifying BTY counter productive.