Presentation of wave technology, genetics

axiom of the genetic code

What the ordinary man interests in above all ? To be healthy and to live long. For example : If a person has a failing heart , usually it will follow a heart attack, stroke, a malfunction of the brain. Is it possible to grow a new heart instead of a transplant, with all the red tape that are related to it: hope to find a donor, risks of transplantation and ultimately premature death, perhaps without finding a suitable donor.
Today there is a huge industry based around organ transplants. A terrifying industry, admittedly. In some countries it kills people to take their organs. In other, the poor are encouraged to sell their organs, kidney, an eye for such an attractive price. That is a completely wrong way. The movement I represent and which is supported by many specialists around the world, is the linguistic-wave genetic. It already exists for 80 years, because our great precursor, Russian geneticist Gurvitch had already proposed the theory of bioenergy field in the 20s. It is a question of affirming that our genetic apparatus has a wave equivalent.

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On this point, we will temporarily stop the theoretical discussion. I'll tell you what he can do today, based on use of theory and equipment that were born here in Russia, in connection with genetic wave linguistic. For example one of our first acquisitions was to successfully regenerate the pancreas. This has been done here and in Canada in 2002, then it was taken over in 2004 by my colleagues, under my guidance, in Nizhny Novgorod. This is very convenient : Instead of taking drugs, regenerating the pancreas which produces insulin.
Then we managed to regenerate teeth, although there were some difficulties in passing.
Finally we showed the possibility of the actual transfer of a single gene. To regenerate the pancreas we had to transfer a thousand genes and transmit them remotely. But here we have developed a methodology of transferring a single gene, the gene BLBP, involved in the programming of stem cells. We are able to transfer it to a distance of several meters, since the stem cells from a donor to the stem cells of a receiver. Today we invest billions of dollars for manipulating stem cells. But I can say that this is a strategic focus error, and all this money hand "in the sand". This demo is ready and an item is about to be published. All these methods use the laser.
Our latest work involves repairing the cortex of the brain and spinal cord. There are so many people suffering from trauma of the spinal cord or destruction of the cortex after stroke (AVC). It is a destruction of neurons and trade disruption. The person becomes paralyzed or she dies. We managed to program stem cells, introduce into the bloodstream. These stem cells take their place in the brain and starts a regeneration of the cortex. There is a differentiation of stem cells into neurons. No one had done before us. We were the first, and this technology has a huge future. We can regenerate any organ and thus extend the life of the human being. More than that, it becomes possible to rejuvenate and stop aging. We can confidently assume that, because there are organizations that never grow old, but also our stem cells almost no aging. Whatever the number of divisions, the stem cell does not change : no cellular or mitochondrial death. These cells are immortal, as, Alas, cancer cells. They all have this feature to divide indefinitely without aging. Another question is inescapable : This is it worth to live indefinitely long? Probably not. But living several hundred years this is useful. While there will arise problems of overcrowding. It is not a question for doctors, nor biologists, nor geneticists. It is a social issue, but it is possible. Perhaps is it applicable to certain groups of people only, particularly talented. It is essentially a social issue. We will not discuss that here.
Technologies are, ostensibly, very simple. But they are the result of research over 20 years. This happened in conjunction with embryologists, physicists and mathematicians even linguists. But mostly physicists, because this technology is based on knowledge of quantum physics. In this way the prospects are limitless and, and principle, there are many who work there and the world speculates on that.
We record various active biologics as their quantum equivalent it, inter alia, possible to introduce into the water. Today is a very big problem when homeopaths are very advanced dilutions of various active products, to the point where there is nothing left in this diluted water, and yet it retains its active capacity. It's the same homeopathic granules. There might be an active product molecule in a billion molecules of excipient. Nevertheless it is active. And why that ? This is the consequence of what had predicted Gurvitch about chromosomes: This prediction can be generalized to any product: Every product has its quantum equivalent. If you are able to control the quantum equivalent, then you can save it as readily usable forms and also stored in compact form, in an electronic library of species. Hence the need to produce drugs in large quantities becomes useless. It is sometimes useful, and I will in no circumstances throw a stone in the garden pharmacologists. Simply requires an agreement between us and pharmacologists, developers of wave genetics, who have the recording technology of these quantum equivalent.