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Principles and Objectives of Linguistic-Wave Genetics.

The evolution of biosystems has created genetic and protein "texts", similar to natural human languages. Our task – understand the languages ​​of these texts.
The chromosome continuum of tissues and organs acts both as a source and as a receiver of command patterns (spatiotemporal and textual), created by holograms of this continuum,
The chromosomal continuum of multicellular organisms is an analogue of the static-dynamic multiplex space-time holographic lattice, isomorphically reflecting the space-time of the organism. At the same time, this continuum is a quantum biocomputer, using the principle of holographic and quantum nonlocality.
Our task is to learn, as far as possible, to ethically competently manage this biocomputer.

Our research is diverse and, seemingly, not connected. However, this is not the case. The process of formation of DNA phantoms was discovered by us in 1984. Detection and registration of DNA wave replicas in vitro confirmed these results. This further confirms our hypothesis about the ability of DNA to be a structure of wave auto-replication and autoscanning of intracellular metabolic status, and as a result, of the entire organism for the purpose of biocomputer regulation of vital activity. This is fully consistent with the main tenet of our ‘wave genome’ concept.: the chromosome continuum works as a strategic sign system at 2 levels - substances and fields at the same time, realizing its functions as a quasi-intelligent system.

However, this is not the only wave system of self-regulation of multicellular organisms. The second system is based on coherent radiation of chromosomes in UV, visible and IR- regions of the spectrum. This enables the chromosomal apparatus to use the principles of holographic convolution-scan of genetic information, its quantum nonlocality, as well as the linguistic features of the work of the ‘ribosome-mRNA’ duo within the framework of the concept of quasi-intelligence of the genome as a biocomputer.

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A paradoxical and promising situation have formed now in genetics, molecular biology and, respectively, in medicine. The human genome has explored . It took 10 years-long effort of program <Human genome>, and now the sequence of all letters in our genetic text is known. Transgenic engineering gains momentum, and already many plants, animals and bacteria are carriers of artificially introduced genes useful for humans. The first steps have been taken in animal cloning with the prospect of obtaining the first human clone. But here's the paradox – the higher our technological advances in genetics and molecular biology, the further we are from a comprehensive understanding of the principles of the genetic apparatus. All the undoubted successes in this area are mainly associated with the functions of genes, which encode proteins. These genes account for about 2% of the genetic memory of chromosomes. The rest, the main part of the gene, i.e. 98%, is still misunderstood by geneticists and, probably, because of that they named her “junk”. There are hypotheses, but they are all designed to justify the existence “junk” DNA as a kind of assistant to 2% “coding” DNA. Or “junk” interpreted as “viruses cemetery”(!) Ignore or so naive understand the role of 98% of the genome – clear error. Moreover, Do we see the true role of the 2% genetic information correctly, if 98% of it is actually for us – 'unknown land'? We understand poorly, because we cannot completely cure cancer, can't resist HIV, we can't fight tuberculosis, and we can't prolong people's lives, at least, up to 200 years, and so on. The promises of geneticists turned into life-threatening transgenic foods, threatening imbalance of the biosphere. Animal cloning gives us, mostly, carefully concealed freaks, or animals, which are abnormally quickly grow old and die, as the famous sheep Dolly.

It's quite natural, the scientific community, for example, in the face of a large group of Swedish scientists, It begins to sound the alarm about this http://www.psrast.org/defknthe.htm . Where is the way out of this strange state of abundance of experimental and controversial material and the lack of a fairly complete theoretical understanding of the principles of chromosome operation? The same group of Swedish scientists believe, that one of the breakthrough areas of scientific development are our research http://www.rialian.com/rnboyd/dna-wave.doc .

The essence of our ideas, and what they give to practice, boils down to the following. We start from very simple strategic considerations. To be successful in trying to radically treat people and drastically slow down their aging processes, you need to understand languages, on which cells communicate with each other. To some extent we managed to do it. It turned out, that these are the languages ​​of those same 98% “junk” in our gene. The main one is the language of holographic images, based on the principles of laser radiation of the genetic apparatus, operating as a quasi-intelligent structure http://www.rialian.com/rnboyd/dna-wave.doc. It is important, that our genetic apparatus is characterized by real processes, significantly complementing the triplet model of the genetic code.

What do we get from this new knowledge? The answer is: Now, knowing about it and having a physical and mathematical description of additional information processes in the genetic apparatus, we have created the equipment, which simulates the quantum information functions of a living cell and its genetic apparatus. Devices of this kind are actually the forerunners of the first quantum biocomputers. They made it possible to carry out a long-range multi-kilometer transmission of genetic and metabolic information in the form of special electromagnetic fields, its introduction into the recipient biosystem and strategic management in relation to its, biosystems, biochemical and physiological conditions . In particular, we managed to regenerate the pancreas in rats at a distance of many kilometers, to cure the child from cystic fibrosis, that was previously thought impossible.