Telegony — what it is?
On views, most of the facts, demonstrating the phenomenon telegonii, is the appearance of the offspring traits, missing from the immediate parent, but their previous sexual partners.

Telegony -the impact of the first sexual partner on genetics and appearance children, born by another man. Many are interested in this issue. Speak from letters. At the time I raised the topic of telegonii and now it is under active discussion. Mechanisms telegonii exactly in line with the principles of wave Genetics. Briefly the idea is, that sperm (the genome of a man) are structures, emitting weak photon field, the spin States of bearing, but not transmitting genetic information. Is the photon field. But it bioaktivno, and associated spinor field «perepisyvaûŝee» primary photon occurrence information. The spinor genetic information field knows no obstacles and instantly "overwritten" on all (or part of the) the genome of the cells of women, including the genomes of reproductive cells. The record stays there indefinitely. To some extent this "entry gives the primary epigenetic contribution to all subsequent progeny of such women, even if she gives birth to children by another man or men. If the condom was used, This does not exclude the "printing" of the genome of the first men in the germ cells of women, Since the spin component of photon radiation sperm has a pervasive ability. It only limits the space sverhslaboe photon emission of sperm. All this, there are numerous examples of, This is an undesirable phenomenon, name it – telegony.

I am asked, No-I get rid of this entry èpigenetičeskogo the contribution of the first men? Methods of Lingvistiko-wave Genetics can help block the effect of telegonii. We developed the technology. Those, who is interested, can contact me.
Peter P. Garyaev.