Treatment of wave genetics

Wave genetics – treatment using the latest techniques, rejuvenation, regeneration of tissues and organs.
With the help of certain laser technology, We get special sound spectra, to use as a human from the pathology State moves to normal. Create audio – matrix, which are quantum displayed a healthy individual and controlling and correcting deviations from normal, Healthy status.
Treatment of wave genetics by using quantum biokomp′ûtera.
The primary entry is our special laser, able to generate photons, that change its polarization (Spin State), i.e.. record information when sensing any objects (cells and tissues, bioactive substances, photos, etc.). This notation is a common and very solid sort of lib. The second stage is inseparable from the first and is the conversion of probing and acquired the laser photons in bio-information spin broadband electromagnetic spectrum, which includes wave range and the accompanying spin component. This conversion occurs according to known Physics "theory of localized light". Wave range, perezapisavšij photon information, We digitize and send in audio format.