Interview on TV channel EXTRA

Interview Garyaev Pyotr channel Extra TV on the Wave genetics.

Garyaev Pyotr Petrovich in a long interview talks generally about Wave Genetics, instruments and research.
He cites three of the most striking cases from his healing practice:
– about documented healing of 100% blindness in one eye
– about the recovery of the spinal cord as a result of an injury
– about diabetes healing and amazing side effects

And also reveals the details of the issues:
– reaction of the scientific community to experiments on wave genetics
– the possibility of transferring mental abilities (Tesla experiment and now living athlete)
– quantum genes – divine way
– on spectral-sound effect
– how it works (on the example of Garyaev center)
– How the experiments with rejuvenation went
– about Garyaev capsule
– how Garyaev capsule works
– talks about the experiment with rejuvenation
– about the impact spectra of sound waves
– draws parallels of the construction of pyramids on earth and not only as a relation to DNA
– how the original Garyaev matrix is formed?
– music from the Pleiades demonstration (spectrum parsing and translation into sound)
– talks about an experiment to restore broken chromosomes (by radiation)
– introduces the concept of quasi-DNA
– about meditation
– about the word, about the creator of the original matrix
– on the cure of cystic fibrosis (DNA mutations)
– on the experience of transmitting information into the water (DNA)
– on Luc Montaigne, who is recognized in China and heads the Institute for the Study of the Quantum Equivalent of DNA