Interview on TV channel EXTRA

Interview Garyaev Pyotr channel Extra TV on the Wave genetics.

Garyaev Petr Petrovich in an extensive interview talks about collectively Wave Genetics, instruments and research.
It cites three most striking case from his practice of healing:
– documented the healing of 100% of blindness in one eye
– the restoration of the spinal cord resulting from injury
– about healing diabetes and surprising side effects

And to disclose the details of the issues:
– the reaction of the scientific community in the wave of genetics experiments
– the possibility of transferring the mental faculties (Tesla experiment and now living athlete)
– quantum genes – divine path
– the spectral-sound exposure
– how it works (the example of his center)
– How did the experiments with rejuvenation
– about Garyaev capsule
– how the capsule Garyaev
– It tells about an experiment with the rejuvenation
– the impact on the spectra of sound waves
– parallels the construction of the pyramids on the ground and not only as related to DNA
– as the original matrix formed Garyaev?
– shows music with Pleiades (spectrum analysis and translation into sound)
– It tells of an experiment to restore the fragmentation of chromosomes (radiation)
– It introduces the concept of quasi DNA
– meditation
– the word, the creator of the original matrix
– the cure of cystic fibrosis (DNA mutations)
– transmitting information on the experience in water (DNA)
– of Luc Montagnier, which is recognized in China and head of the Institute for the Study of the quantum equivalent of DNA

and refers to physicians calling for cooperation!