The time machine in genetics

Genetic time machine

Our genetic apparatus can be regarded as a system of mirrors, that turned into the past, until the emergence of human, because each of us in their chromosomal set keeping information on MOM and dad, and those of their moms and dads, that is, from grannies, from grandfathers, from great-grandfathers and so on, It is an endless line, stretching to nowhere, When we are having. And in principle, You can take the information from ancestors, because we are a divided this fractal structure, and we are all related. Here is the network, and you can apply to any area of this network, and take the information about some brilliant scientist, and take her here. The information can be considered as a holographic video, because our chromosomes-hologram. We can see the past, If we can use genetic information in perspective, in which we want to, IE view, What was then. With, even the human eye, with which we read information.