Virginity and telegony

Virginity and telegony. Of Course, first sexual experience – It's a vivid emotional state, leaving his mark for life. But the trail remains not only in our memory, but in our body. What is telegony? It is necessary to keep the blood clean and kind or surrender to the power of desires and natural genetic engineering?

If the condom was used, This does not exclude the "printing" of the genome of the first men in the germ cells of women, Since the spin component of photon radiation sperm has a pervasive ability. It only limits the space sverhslaboe photon emission of sperm. All this, there are numerous examples of, This is an undesirable phenomenon, that is called – telegony.
Methods of Lingvistiko-wave Genetics can help block the effect of telegonii.
We developed the technology. Those, who is interested, can contact me.
Garyaev Peter Petrovich.