Akimov – torsion field

Lecture of brilliant Russian scholar, academician of the ACADEMY of NATURAL SCIENCES, Akimova A.E., in which he talks about torsion fields.
Akimov A. E. studied models of physical vacuum, applied problems of torsion fields and technologies on new physical principles.
Suppose, you have a microscope with sufficient magnification, to see molecules, of any substance. Looking in a microscope, you will see a blank space, in which the molecules are arranged by certain laws of. You turn the microscope on the molecule and zoom in and see, What molecules are composed of atoms, and there is a void between the atoms again. Directing the microscope on a single atom, it can be seen, that in the center of the atom is the nucleus, around which electrons revolve, like planets around the Sun, but between the nucleus and electrons – void. The next zoom step will show, that the nucleus is made up of elementary particles – protons and neutrons, between which there is again a void. If you now look at the elementary particle, for example, electron, it (according to Dirac's theory) consists of emptiness, because it is a “excited state of physical vacuum” – Special State of emptiness. You can ask a question: What is the difference between a void in that place, where the electron is, from the void, where there is no electron?