Wave gene

The fifth volume of "the encyclopedia of Russian thought",-Monograph P.p.. Garâeva "Wave gene"is devoted to the theoretical and experimental substantiation of new directions in biology — the wave genetics. The proposed provision on code fields of distributed system of chromosomal emitters (In addition to the known matrix synthesis of proteins) is not only of theoretical interest, but is also of great practical importance. Already seen the prospects for its use in Oncology, Gerontology and other sections of medicine, as well as in agriculture, molecular biotechnology and electronics. Such an integrated approach to the analysis of the genetic apparatus allows us to understand the mechanisms of fractal folds space-time characteristics of Biosystems in her chromosomes with their microenvironment. This mechanism includes holographic memory and the voice structure of DNA. This is particularly important, and translates the concept of DNA "texts" of the metaphors in a formalized way of mathematical Linguistics and language genetics. The issue of the structure of consciousness, and the structure of the genome as a systems, operating supported significant builds, universal plastic unit which is the word.

Theoretical studies from the perspective of physics held by examples of two generators, approximate model topology and electrodynamics of DNA in the chromosomes. Schema generator offered and. (A). Berezin (TNA RUN) and substantially modified later on. P. Garâevym (TNA RUN) and,. G. Komissarov (IVT WOUNDS). Discusses the phenomenon of Fermi-Pasta-jOgama as a process of solitonoobrazovaniâ in DNA and physical-mathematical model of holographic memory in chromosomes. In experiments using photon correlation spectroscopy carried evidence of DNA gels in vitro generation 3.
P.P.. Gariaev "Wave gene», Publisher "social benefit" 1993. ISBN 5-85617-100-4.