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Wave genetics

Are glad to present you our new official website wavegenetics.org
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The objective of the new site - explain to people, What is Linguistic Wave Genetics and what are the prospects for humanity
this direction.

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Dr. Peter P. Garyaev

With 1984 of the year Garyaev Peter Petrovich started research on new lines of genetic coding and to 1994 year created a new direction in genetics - The Wave Genetics, and then Linguistics - The Wave Genetics. In 1997. on this topic Garyaev Peter Petrovich He defended his doctoral thesis in fryazino. Bauman of HIAC. Was elected as academician of RANS and RAMTN and a member of the New York Academy of Sciences. IN 2013 year Garyaev Peter Petrovich established LLC "Institute Of Quantum Genetics».
  • Linguistics - wave genetics

    Linguistics - The Wave Genetics a major offshoot from the main stem of biology and classical Genetics.
    Institute Of Quantum Genetics translates the concept of GENE at a quantum level and actually displays Classical genetics of experimentally-theoretical impasse, in which she hit.
    The impasse arose because, the basic model of genetic coding, the proposed Western scientists m. Nirenbergom and f. Screaming in 1968 year, is in fact erroneous, though it has positive points. This has led humanity to tragic term gradual genetic collapse and total degradation. And not only humanity, but all life on Earth. This is due primarily to the growing shaft of genetically modified viruses, bacteria, plants, animals. And in the end, Human.
    The first consequence of this situation was genetically modified foods GMO, that has already led to severe consequences. The site will be given a detailed explanation about this. This state of things must end, before it's too late.
    However,, Institute Of Quantum Genetics is unimaginable beneficial prospects, the first confirmation of what we've got.
    Wave genetics, in principle, the, can cure ANY illness and prolong the lives of people on indefinitely.
    Lingvistiko-Wave Genetics can create the technology of natural food without slaughterhouses, without wheat, corn, Rye, etc.. This will free up large areas of land and prevent forest trees.
    Linguistic Wave Genetics can give a framework for the creation of quantum biokomp′ûterov, the power of superior all digital computers, taken together,.
    Lingvistiko-Wave Genetics will provide the basis for the long-haul communications people without electronics, emitting harmful electromagnetic fields. It will be biointernet based on telepathy.
    Institute Of Quantum Genetics enable quick learning of children and students. The Word, wave genetics will jerk of humanity on the other, the highest level of development.


    Linguistic Wave Genetics new branches of biology, medicine, Quantum biocomputing. Development Linguistic Wave Genetics comes from works.. Gurvich 1920-1940 years. Unlike normal (Classic) Genetics and molecular biology, Linguistic Wave Genetics operates the concepts of distant wave workers transferred genes (Quantum equivalents or "phantoms" DNA) and considering the genetic apparatus as nano bio computer, able to take decisions and management biosistemoj on the principles of laser physics, holography, Quantum nonlocality and Linguistics.

    Essential difference Linguistic Wave Genetics from classical Genetics is different understanding of principles of coding key regulatory metabolites organisms-their proteins. Otherwise in the, that classic Nobel model protein genetic code strategically wrong (Although tactically correct), and this has led humanity to the tragedy of genetically modified food and aims to ban genetic collapse the whole Biota, including humans. Official protein model error code, that it does not display the actual (not metaphorical) (a)) tekstovost', i.e.. lingvistichnost' (quasi reasonableness) and (b) genome) his landmark physical attributes-not locality and quantum golografichnost'. Hence the long-standing impasse in medicine-the inability to treat cancer, fight against HIV and other viruses, tuberculosis, to extend the active human life for hundreds of years, failure to use the capabilities of the chromosome apparatus model be the basis for the creation of quantum biokomp'juterov, exceeding the possibilities of all digital computers, taken together,. It is also a failure to raise the intellectual level of people orders due to quantum effects in not directed local landmark operation of neurons in the brain. Another fundamental characteristic of the genetic apparatus of biosystem-his ability to synthesize a specific protein, involved in cold fusion (HJaS) - TRANS mutations cores of atoms of isotopes in living cells, as shown in the examples of the work of specific bacteria [Kornilov A.a.] . This trance mutation biohimizm gives you the opportunity to receive any isotopes and isotope restructuring without accelerators and fusion reactions, work at low temperatures, reduce the level of radioactivity in the radiation contaminated lands, waters and atmosphere.

    Methods Linguistic Wave Genetics allow for a wave by transferring genes-producers of proteins - radiation inaktivatorov - in plants, that can significantly simplify and accelerate technology bioHJaS compared to the use of bacteria. And finally, lingvistiko-wave genetics methods enable to install Instant telepathic channel between crews of spacecraft and ground due to torsional component of coherent electromagnetic radiation chromosomes neurons of the human brain through the electroencephalogram (My know-how). This same technique can be applied to create quantum bioelectronics, as a basis for future biointerneta.

    Theoretical-experimental substantiation of principles of lingvistiko-wave genetics. Our core work (articles about 150).
    1. Garyaev P., Vnuchkova V.a., Šelepina G.a., Commissioners., 1994,
    Verbal-semantic modulation resonances of the Fermi-Pasta-Ulam as a methodology of command and the figurative system of genome. Russian Journal of physical thought., N1-4, c. 17-28. http://ukr.rusphysics.ru/files/Garyaev.Verbalnosemantich.modulyacii.pdf
    2. Peter P. Gariaev, Boris I. Birshtein, Alexander M. Iarochenko, Peter J. Marcer, George G. Tertishny, Katherine A. Leonova, Uwe Kaempf ., 2001, The DNA-wave biocomputer. “CASYS” – International Journal of Computing Anticipatory Systems (ed. D.M.Dubois), Liege, Belgium, v.10, pp.290-310. On materials of my speech in London.
    3. Gariaev P. P., What And. A., Mukhina And. In the., Leonova-Garjaeva (E). A., What N. G. "Influence of modulated electromagnetic radiation on biostrukturami for alloksanovogo of diabetes mellitus in rats" // BJeBiM, 2007, t. 143, № 2., page. 197-199.
    4. Garyaev P., 2009, Lingvistiko-wave gene. Theory and practice. 220with. Kiev.
    (3-I monograph). http://www.psy-wave.ru/lingvistiko-volnovoj-genom-teoriya-i-praktika-e-kniga/
    5. Dr. Peter P. Garyaev, Thorns G.i., 2016, Theoretical and experimental foundations of Lingvistiko-wave genetics. Not published.
    6. Garyaev P., 2016, Statement on radio slavyanskiy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v = DJDN9HWyqBQ&feature=youtu.be

    A short list of examples of our practical use Linguistic Wave Genetics, based on listed 6 paragraphs.
    1. Regeneration pojeludochnykh glands in experimental animals (rat) at a distance 20 km. from telecasting running genetic information quantum generator (Toronto, 2002g.). Independently reproduced in theses n. There in 2012. in Nizhny Novgorod. Approved By The WAC. Dissertation on medicine on the topic "the impact of low-intensity electromagnetic radiation for acute insulin insufficiency in rats". 005013322/ A manuscript. WHAT NIKOLAY GRIGOREVICH. EFFECT OF LOW-INTENSITY ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION FOR ACUTE INSULIN INSUFFICIENCY IN RATS (experimental study) 14.03.03 pathological physiology. The dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of the candidate of medical sciences. Нижний Новгород 2012.
    2. Precedent: Human spinal cord regeneration. An official medical report. Johannesburg. 2016y.. Patient Matthew Cohen. Damaged spinal cord. Complete paralysis during 12 years. Applied quantum method of programming your own mesenchymal stem cells the patient followed by them in the bloodstream within 2 years. As a result, the patient returned motor activity. He leads the car, business leads, has an Office. Official honey. Conclusion:
    http://molbiol.ru/forums/index.php?Act = Attach & type = post & id = 273538 (original)
    http://molbiol.ru/forums/index.php?Act = Attach & type = post & id = 273539 (translation)

    Other examples of, such as retinal regeneration from vosstanovvlenie of view etc. lists in https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1FRa04zGG6ic3M1aHllYnAwX3M/view , as well as feedback from people, cured of incurable diseases our technologies.

    Practical examples of successful application of the principles Linguistic Wave Genetics they say: 1) about the reality of existence and operation of the waveforms of genetic information, 2) about, that gene has a text entity with the rudiments of a quasi consciousness at the level of chromosome nanobiokomp'jutinga, 3) about, that, realizing this, We are entering other dimensions of genetic information, to enable us to operate with administering senses Geno-DNA and their quantum equivalents, as well as holograms chromosome continuum, Designer Spaces-Time construction of the Biosystems.
    This all-new soft factors, not invasive quantum strategic functions of the human body and the whole biota.
    Dr. Peter P. Garyaev,
    D.b.s., rans, RAMTN and LIST,
    Member Of New York Academy Of Sciences,
    Director Of LLC "Institute Of Quantum Genetics".

  • History

    This work started in Russia back in the 20 's of the last century by a.g. Gurvich. , but forgotten. Starting with the 1984 This year we continued the.


    Research conducted at the Institute of physical and technical problems of the USSR, then at MSU, FIAN, in IPU RAN, in Canada (Toronto, SynX), the MSTU. AD. Bauman and others. scientific structures.


    During the experiments, we have demonstrated the ability of DNA preparations in vitro to give multiple responses replicated Glare-display, a replica of the DNA and its immediate environment.


    With the help of certain laser technology, We get special sound spectra, to use as a human from the pathology State moves to normal.


    Appeal to molecular biologists and geneticists to participate in an open large-scale experiment.


    Methods for Amplification. of PHANTOM DNA 547 b.p.. with Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Using Modulated Secondary Broadband Electromagnetic Radiation (MBER) Laser LGN-303 how quantum equivalent of similar real DNA

    We are talking about the ISS in TN. DNA phantom effect, discovered by myself in 1984 y.. method correlation laser spectroscopy. The first publication about it was released in 1991. [Gariaev et al, 1991, Hologrphic Associative Memory of Biological Systems, Proceedings SPIE – The International Society for Optical Engineering. Optical Memory and Neural Networks., v 1621., p. 280- 291. USA].

    In 2001 in Canada (Toronto) We used DNA in the form of a ghost of the secondary radiation of laser LGN-303 (http://www.plasmalabs.ru/files/products/lgn303.pdf) to transfer a pool running genetic information on distance 20 km. In the experience of several dozen rats with artificial, with. alloksanovym diabetes, These rats were subsequently ‘injected’ , distant injected phantom (quantum) genetic information, read by laser from pojeludochnykh glands of newborn rats the same genetic Wistar. In the control 90% these rats died. In the experience of all rats, receiving phantom genetic information, survived [Garyaev P., Kokaya A., Mukhina I., Leonova-Garyaeva E., What Mr. G. 2007. The effect of biostructures modulated electromagnetic radiation on alloxan diabetes in rats.. Bulletin of experimental biology and medicine, № 2, с. 155-158].

    These data were confirmed by an independent group of de facto a. There and dissertation n. There and the Group Gg Tertyshnogo. These works published. IN 2014 y.. We have received preliminary data on the materialization of phantoms DNA, received in the form of secondary radiation spectra laser LGN-303 (MBER), When reading information generated by laser with segments of DNA of a certain length [Gariaev et al, DNA Decipher Journal / May 2014 Vol. 4 Issue 1 / pp. 01-02 Materialization of DNA Fragment in Water through Modulated Electromagnetic Irradiation. Intern. Patent 2014/06578 08 sept.2014.].

    Given the potential importance of experimental results greatly. They affirm the fundamental idea of A. Gurvich 20-x-40-ies on the functioning of the waveforms of genes. This means, that you can work in the field of new genetics and, Therefore, the new biology, medicine, Agriculture and environment, another to solve the problem of the origin of life on Earth, etc.. And yet,, data on the phantom'S DNA, as quantum counterparts of normal real DNA, need advanced playing independent scientific groups.

    That is why we appeal to molecular biologists and geneticists to participate in large-scale outdoor experiment on multiple playback of our results.

    For a complete description of the method of detection and materialization of phantoms DNA PCR System